How to change the key map


1) Launch SWITCH.X and set the value of “FIRST_KY” to 15 (1700 ms).


To exit SWITCH.X, select “[Y] register and exit” and exit.
When you finish SWITCH.X, do not press the F1 key until there is an instruction thereafter.

2. Restart the X68000 after SWITCH.X is finished
(Push reset button or press [CTRL] + [OPT.1] + [DEL] key)

3. When the X68000 restarts, launch the editor. Anything is OK for the editor. On this page ED.X attached to Human68k system disk is used as an editor.

4. When the editor starts up, press the F1 key. When the prompt is output to the editor as shown below, the adapter is in config-mode.


5. The following four commands can be used in config-mode

e Edit Change the setting
c Clear Initialize the settings
d Dump Dump the settings
q Quit Exit config-mode



Enter “e” at the config-mode prompt to switch to Edit mode. (The display of prompt changes to colon)


When the Edit prompt appears, enter the setting with 4 hexadecimal digits. The first two digits are the EEPROM address, and the second two digits are the set value.

In this case, “Scan code of PS/2 keyboard = EEPROM address” and “X68000 keyboard key code = set value”.


For example, the setting “1602” on the first line of the input example in the above figure means “If you press Full key 1 (ScanCode 0x16) of the PS/2 keyboard, 0x02 (full key 1) is returned to X68000”.
Similarly, “de54” in the second line of the input example means “If you press the ACPI WakeUp key (ScanCode 0xde) on the PS/2 keyboard, 0x54 (HELP) is returned to X68000”.

To customize the key mapping, change the setting to the pinpoint only for the key you wish to change from the default keymap. If you want to restore the change, change the setting value to 0x00 or clear all the settings with the Clear command described later.

If you press the Enter key without entering anything while the Edit prompt is displayed, you exit Edit mode and return to the config prompt.









Exit config-mode.


After exiting the config-mode, close the editor and then restart X68000 after returning to SWITCH.X based on the value of FIRST_KY (other than 15: 1700 ms).


PS/2 Keyboard Scancode




X68000 Keyboard Scancode


  1. For example, space-bar returns {29} in the maked, returns the {F0, 29} in the break []
  2. For example, the right Alt returns {E0, 11} in the maked, returns the {E0, F0, 11} in the break []


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